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InsurerUp down arrow Cancellation CoverUp down arrow PriceUp down arrow ExcessUp down arrow Link
Diamond +Visit Weddingplan »
£17,000£57.84£25Visit Weddingplan »
GoldVisit Weddingplan »
£10,000£36.79£25Visit Weddingplan »
SilverVisit Weddingplan »
£7,000£26.29£25Visit Weddingplan »
Platinum +Visit Weddingplan »
£27,000£89.40£50Visit Weddingplan »
GoldVisit Debenhams »
£10,000£59.95£50Visit Debenhams »
PlatinumVisit Debenhams »
£25,000£102.03£50Visit Debenhams »
DiamondVisit Debenhams »
£60,000£209.32£50Visit Debenhams »
EmeraldVisit Debenhams »
£15,000£79.93£50Visit Debenhams »
PremierVisit Weddingplan »
£32,000£105.17£50Visit Weddingplan »
SilverVisit Dreamsaver »
£6,000£25.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
GoldVisit Dreamsaver »
£10,000£37.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
PlatinumVisit Dreamsaver »
£20,000£77.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
Diamond 30K CancellationVisit Dreamsaver »
£30,000£104.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
Diamond 50K CancellationVisit Dreamsaver »
£50,000£174.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
SilverVisit InsureForWeddings »
£5,000£22.99£25Visit InsureForWeddings »
GoldVisit InsureForWeddings »
£10,000£35.99£25Visit InsureForWeddings »
BronzeVisit Weddingplan »
£2,500£19.44£25Visit Weddingplan »
Tier 2Visit Wedinsure »
£10,000£37.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 1Visit Wedinsure »
£7,500£29.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
RubyVisit Debenhams »
£35,000£156.72£50Visit Debenhams »
Tier 8Visit Wedinsure »
£50,000£150.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
EmeraldVisit InsureForWeddings »
£20,000£68.99£25Visit InsureForWeddings »
DiamondVisit InsureForWeddings »
£30,000£87.99£50Visit InsureForWeddings »
DiamondVisit Weddingplan »
£12,500£47.32£25Visit Weddingplan »
PlatinumVisit Weddingplan »
£22,000£73.62£25Visit Weddingplan »
Premier +Visit Weddingplan »
£65,000£210.35£50Visit Weddingplan »
AmberVisit Dreamsaver »
£15,000£57.00NILVisit Dreamsaver »
Tier 3Visit Wedinsure »
£15,000£47.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 4Visit Wedinsure »
£20,000£59.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 5Visit Wedinsure »
£25,000£75.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 6Visit Wedinsure »
£30,000£87.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 7Visit Wedinsure »
£35,000£102.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Tier 9Visit Wedinsure »
£70,000£195.00NILVisit Wedinsure »
Diamond PlusVisit InsureForWeddings »
£40,000£149.99£50Visit InsureForWeddings »
SilverVisit WeddingInsuranceToday »
£5,000£25.00£25Visit WeddingInsuranceToday »
GoldVisit WeddingInsuranceToday »
£10,000£35.00£25Visit WeddingInsuranceToday »
DiamondVisit WeddingInsuranceToday »
£20,000£65.00£25Visit WeddingInsuranceToday »
PlatinumVisit WeddingInsuranceToday »
£35,000£90.00£50Visit WeddingInsuranceToday »

Prices and cover provided were last updated on 3rd October 2017.

* Excess applies to the main policy sections of cancellation, rearrangement and financial failure of suppliers only. A higher or lower excess may apply to other policy sections. Please see individual policy documents for full details.

Clicking on the links in the comparison table will take you to the website operated by that particular insurance company.

We do not endorse or recommend any particular insurance provider or policy. You should look carefully at the policy details before purchasing to ensure that the cover provided is right for you. You should consider more than just price and overall cancellation cover too as specific levels of cover can vary from policy to policy.

We try to keep the information as up to date as possible but cannot be responsible for any errors. The comparison table is updated many times a month to try and ensure accuracy at all times. All prices and policy details were correct at the time of publishing. All premiums are inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax at 10%.

Other insurers may be found elsewhere - we have merely provided a selection to get you started.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and many couples invest a great deal of time and money to ensure they have perfect day. With the average cost of a UK wedding now around £14,500, protecting yourself with wedding insurance is more important than ever before.

Our comparison table help you easily compare wedding insurance from a number of insurers and you can buy your policy online with all of the suppliers listed.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance (or wedding cancellation insurance as it's sometimes known) is an insurance policy that pays out in the event of your day having to be cancelled or rearranged, or if one of your suppliers should let you down. For a one off payment, it's an easy way of making sure you don't lose large amounts of money if there's an unforeseen problem with something that's covered by the policy.

It can cover the small things like damage to hired outfits or the dry cleaning bill for sorting out that red wine stain on the Bride's dress, right up to cancellation of the whole day.

For example, if the Bride or Groom (or indeed a close relative with some polices) were to fall ill in the run up to the big day, a good policy will reimburse you for any costs up to the policy limit associated with having to re-arrange the day. Whilst it would be devastating should something like that happen, at least you wouldn't have to deal with the financial implications too.

Supplier failure is a concern at the moment too and many policies will cover you should a supplier go out of business and you're unable to recover your deposit.

Some policies will also include public liability cover, or you can add it as an optional extra for around £20. This covers you for any claims made by a third party, for example if a guest injures themselves at the wedding reception.

Unlike car insurance, it's certainly not mandatory to take out wedding insurance, but with so much to worry about before the big day (and with the average cost of a wedding around £14,500!), it's perhaps worth it just for the peace of mind.

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