Groom with best manSometimes it seems almost as though the idea of wedding insurance may have started simply to cover anything the Best Man might get up to. If you haven’t yet got yourself a wedding insurance policy, take a good long hard look at your Best Man, and ask yourself just how reliable he is.

Gillian and Mike’s wedding didn’t go quite as planned thanks to Mike’s Best Man who managed to lose the rings. He claimed to have put them in his waistcoat pocket, but when it came to the ceremony itself and he was asked by the priest for the rings, his pocket was distinctly empty. Gillian and Mike had no option but to borrow a couple of rings for the wedding itself, and as the rings never did materialise, relied on their wedding insurance policy to pay for replacements.

Falling cakes and torn suits

Susan and David’s wedding was similarly jeopardised by their Best Man. Although he didn’t lose the rings, and in fact the ceremony itself went very well, when it came to the reception things didn’t run quite as smoothly. The Best Man somehow managed to walk straight into the wedding cake, with the result that the entire lot ended up on the floor upside down. Not only was the cake ruined, the carpet needed professional cleaning, for which the wedding insurance paid.

Then there was the best man who, perhaps, had a little too much to drink, and whilst ‘throwing some shapes’ on the dance floor ended up tearing a rather large hole in the trousers of his hired suit. When the Groom returned the suits a few days later, he was faced with a rather large bill for the repairs.

Finally, there’s Anne and Stuart, whose Best Man was clearly a little anxious. The service was beautiful, with candles and paper decorations strewn throughout the hotel room. Just as the vows were about to be exchanged, things got a bit too much, and the Best Man found himself reverting to a horizontal position by means of a gentle backward plummet. As he fell he managed to knock over a tall candelabra which promptly managed to set fire to the paper decorations, which happened to be quite near the expensive curtains. Fortunately no one was injured, but the wedding insurance policy was required to cover the fire damage.

If your Best Man is completely reliable, then good luck, but if he happens to be human, getting a wedding insurance policy in place might be a good idea.

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