Since December 2005 same sex couples have been legally registering their commitment to each in the form the of a civil partnership. As the number of partnerships grows each year, the types of ceremony increases, with everything from simple ceremonies to flamboyant extravaganzas.

If you’re planning a more elaborate affair it becomes important to include event insurance in your budgeting. It may seem like an unnecessary additional expense, but the premiums are generally a small part of your costs and can give unmatched peace of mind.

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£10,000 £79.00 £35 Visit Insurer »
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£15,000 £100.00 £0 Visit Insurer »

Please see the full comparison table for all levels of cover available from these insurers.

Why do you need Civil Partnership insurance?

Insurance covers a wide variety of situations which are generally out your control, from illness to your venue burning down. The idea is that in case of damage or non-appearance of a supplier you’re financially covered to find a replacement or rearrange the event. For a smallish sum (say £70) you would be entitled to around £20,000 of cover.

What exactly does it cover?

The insurance covers situations in which you might have to rearrange your event, (such as serious accident or illness of either party or close family) supplier failure, (eg your caterer goes out of business or the venue suffers from a serious flood). You’ll also be covered for damage or loss to outfits and gifts on the day. Some policies also cover you for redundancy which gives extra peace of mind in these uncertain times.

What does it not cover?

Often pre-existing illnesses and medical conditions will not be covered (although some policies will include these), ceremonies abroad, for which you need separate cover.
Most importantly, civil partnership will not cover you for a change of heart. If either party decides they don’t want to go through with the ceremony then the insurance will not pay out.

Where do you get it from?

Most wedding insurance companies also provide insurance for civil partnerships. Make sure you look carefully at what’s covered, in terms of the amount of cover you receive. You can then compare policy prices and find the one that suits your needs the best. The easiest way to do this is through a comparison site,  which gives you a range all in one place.