Like ‘Tesco wedding insurance‘, ‘Direct Line wedding insurance’ is something that’s frequently searched for, yet actually is something that isn’t currently available.

Direct Line do, however, offer their customers some extra insurance cover for when they get married. According to their website, Direct Line home insurance cover is automatically increased for special occasions, such as weddings. The website states that for weddings, your contents cover will be increased by 5% (20% for ‘Direct Line Home Insurance Plus’ policies) for the four weeks before and after the big day.

However, while your home insurance policy may provide cover for items actually in your home such as your wedding dress, rings, gifts etc, it’s no substitute for a more comprehensive wedding insurance policy. Wedding insurance can also cover you for things like supplier failure, personal or public liability and even complete cancellation or re-arrangement of the day due to illness.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Insurance Then?

Policies can easily be purchased online with premiums available from around the £20 mark. You can find policies to cover all sizes of wedding too with the premiums reflecting the amount of cover offered.  Our wedding insurance comparison table is a great place to start, listing a number of the major providers along with details on popular policy features.

InsurerUp down arrow Cancellation CoverUp down arrow PriceUp down arrow ExcessUp down arrow Link
3 Star
£10,000 £79.00 £35 Visit Insurer »
Tier 2
£10,000 £80.00 £0 Visit Insurer »
Tier 3
£15,000 £100.00 £0 Visit Insurer »

Please see the full comparison table for all levels of cover available from these insurers.

Whether your home insurance is with Direct Line or elsewhere, it’s always a good idea to review your cover levels after you’ve got married. You may have received gifts of a significant value for example and may need to increase your contents cover accordingly.