GoalkeeperGreat news today for Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy who has been called up by new manager Roy Hodgson for England’s 2012 squad.

He will join fellow goalkeepers Joe Hart from Manchester City and West Ham’s Rob Green.

But what has any of this got to do with weddings or wedding insurance you might ask?

John Ruddy was actually planning a wedding, on June 2nd. Just 17 days away, and 6 days before the start of the tournament! His call-up for the England squad means his forthcoming wedding will possibly need to be postponed.

Wedding Insurance

Both the BBC and The Guardian reported yesterday that Ruddy had taken out a wedding insurance policy, just in case he needed to cancel or rearrange his wedding.

It’s certainly great to see wedding insurance being mentioned in the media, particularly when it’s not in reference to claims as a result of ‘cold feet’ – that’s one of the most significant things that’s not actually covered by wedding insurance in the UK, despite what a lot of people seem to think!

However, it has left me wondering who Ruddy purchased his wedding insurance from? Most standard wedding insurance policies generally don’t cover cancellation or rearrangement as a result of previously agreed leave not being honoured by your employer. The only exceptions tend to be for members of the armed forces or emergency personnel, but only if that posting was unforeseen at the time the policy was purchased.

It’s possible that a bespoke wedding insurance policy was purchased to cover this particular scenario, particularly given that there was a known risk of possible rearrangement.

It’s a good reminder though that anyone thinking about buying wedding insurance should read their policy wording carefully so that they know exactly what is and isn’t covered, particularly if there are any particular circumstances that are a concern.

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As it turns out, Ruddy and his soon-to-be wife won’t need to claim on their wedding insurance after all. Although their June 2nd wedding clashes with England’s last friendly before the tournament, against Belgium at Wembley, it has been agreed that he can link up with the rest of the team after his big day.

“It’s all a bit surreal and hasn’t really sunk in,” says the Norwich keeper. “The Norwich lads had a night out and I was feeling a bit worse for wear when I got the call. That’s why it took a while to sink in. I can’t wait to get started. I’m due to get married on 2 June (when England play Belgium). I’ve already had the conversation and they don’t want me to call it off. So I’m still going to get married and then link up with the squad after that.”

For more information about what wedding insurance covers, see our FAQs and see our comparison table for information on a number of UK providers.