Bride and Groom on CrutchesWhen you’re getting measured and fitted for your wedding dress a great many thoughts and questions will most probably be going through your mind. However, it’s fairly unlikely that one of those questions will be “How easy will this dress be to wear if I’m on crutches or in a wheelchair?” An unlikely question, granted, and not one that’s full of the joys of love and blessed matrimony. But one nonetheless which is probably best considering for a brief moment.

Every year thousands of people break bones, and one of the most common breakages is the leg. Breaking a leg can seriously hamper your attempt to walk down the aisle on your wedding day, and although you might not consider it very likely that you or the Groom will break your leg just before your wedding day, it’s a sobering thought that there are relatively few people in the world who deliberately plan on breaking a bone. It’s really par for the course that a broken bone will generally be an unforeseen accident rather than a deliberate act of self persecution.

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So unless you plan on spending the few months leading up to your wedding wrapped in cotton wool and staying safely in bed then it might be worth considering having your wedding dress made in such a way that it will easily incorporate a couple of crutches, the odd sling and perhaps a neck brace. Or alternatively you could buy a wedding insurance policy which will help to cover the costs involved in postponing your wedding should a serious accident occur.

A wedding insurance policy can cost less than a small first aid kit, and is likely to help considerably more should you have a trip or fall which results in a broken leg. It’s actually very easy to fracture an ankle, twist a knee or fall and break your wrist or arm, and any such injury will result in you ending up posing for all your wedding photos with the most dominant feature not the happy carefree smile of the Bride, but a whopping great slab of plaster and bandages. Not quite the look you were after.

With the average UK wedding now costing a mere £15,000 it’s certainly not something to take lightly. According to sources in the wedding insurance business, every year in the UK many weddings have to be postponed because of serious injuries, accidents and illness, and this can include broken legs, especially if an operation is needed. A wedding insurance policy can’t prevent an accident from occurring, but at least it may help to avoid an accident turning into an expense with consequences which could last for many years. Remember, it’s not until the wedding is over that you should get plastered.


This article is based on one of the ‘unusual wedding insurance claims‘ that were highlighted recently by WeddingPlan. WeddingPlan is a trading name of UK General Insurance Ltd who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.