With the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton a mere 24 hours away, we thought for a bit of fun we’d take a quick look at what such a wedding might cost to insure and why they might need wedding insurance.

Buckingham Palace

The Premium

It’s estimated that the total cost of the Royal wedding will be between £50 and £100 million! For the sake of argument, let’s assume a total cost of £75 million.

Looking at the top end of our wedding insurance comparison table, there is a premium of about £3.50 for every £1,000 of cancellation cover required.

Assuming the cost per £1,000 of cancellation cover remains the same, this would result in a staggering insurance premium of £262,000 to cover the Royal wedding for complete cancellation! That’s more than 10 times most couples’ total wedding budget!

What Might Go Wrong?

But is anything really likely to go wrong on William and Kate’s big day?

Death/injury of the Bride, Groom or close family member: This is certainly a possibility. Although generally in good health, the Queen is 85 years old and could become ill just before the big day. I’m pretty certain that they would consider postponing the wedding should this happen.

Venue: It’s pretty unlikely that either Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace will be double booked! It’s not unheard of for Royal residences to catch fire, but again this would seem highly unlikely too. I very much doubt either venue will have bankruptcy issues either.

Wedding cars: I don’t see any of the wedding cars breaking down. The horses might get a bit tired I suppose but I’m sure they’d find some spares pretty quickly!

Weather: It’s pretty unlikely that severe weather will affect the big day so much that it needs to be cancelled. I’m sure the Army would find a way of getting the Royal family and other important guests the short distance from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey anyway.

Damage to attire: Even for the Royal couple this is still a possibility. The best man might get a little over enthusiastic on the dance floor and bump into the Bride causing her to spill the glass of red wine she was holding all over her dress!

Problems with the photos: Again, this is certainly a possibility but with an estimated 327 million digital photos being taken on the day, they certainly won’t be short of snaps!

Why Have Wedding Insurance?

If anything were to go wrong on or in the build up to the big day, the Royal family are probably in a position where it wouldn’t hurt them too much financially! That’s not the case for the majority of couples getting married though, and with the average cost of a wedding being under £20,000, it’s the third most expensive purchase most people will make.

Wedding insurance certainly makes sense and the premiums often aren’t much more than the cost of feeding just one additional guest. Our wedding insurance comparison table lists a number of the UK’s leading providers and can be sorted by both premium and cancellation cover provided.

InsurerUp down arrow Cancellation CoverUp down arrow PriceUp down arrow ExcessUp down arrow Link
3 Star
£10,000 £79.00 £35 Visit Insurer »
Tier 2
£10,000 £80.00 £0 Visit Insurer »
Tier 3
£15,000 £100.00 £0 Visit Insurer »

Please see the full comparison table for all levels of cover available from these insurers.