It probably comes as no surprise, but January has been found to be the least popular month in which to get married.

In a recent study by UK wedding insurance provider Ecclesiastical, the first two weekends of the year were found to be a virtually wedding free zone. In fact, according to the figures, only 1.7% of all UK weddings take place in January.

According to the survey, the five least popular months to get married in are:
December – 4.4%
March – 4%
November – 3.7%
February – 2.4%
January – 1.7%

According to Dave Simms of Ecclesiastical, it’s not entirely weather related either – “The unpopularity of January as a wedding month can’t be entirely linked to the weather because December, which can be equally chilly, is almost three times more popular.”

December’s higher popularity may, of course, be merely down to Brides and Grooms wanting a Christmassy or wintery theme and feel to their wedding.

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Finance may also play a large part – January is known to be a tough month to budget for, particularly after the excesses of Christmas and New Year and many couples would obviously be reluctant to add further financial pressure.

However, despite few weddings actually taking place in the first few weeks of the year, January is actually a very popular month for wedding planning.  Once Christmas and New Year are “out of the way”, may prospective Brides and Grooms start to put in place the plans they perhaps started making during the latter months of the previous year.  January 2010 is no exception either, with many vendors even reporting a higher than usual number of enquiries.