One of the most common reasons why people end up having to fall back on their wedding insurance policy is because of food poisoning. Each year one in three of us experiences a case of food poisoning, and if this happens to coincide with a wedding, then it can easily result in the wedding having to be postponed.

With the average wedding in the UK costing around £15,000, postponing a wedding can be extremely expensive if you don’t have wedding insurance to pick up the bill. The problem with food poisoning is that it often occurs after having a meal out, at a party, or at a location where new or exotic food is served. Unfortunately that is almost exactly what tends to happen right before a wedding, either at the stag do, the hen night, or as a growing number of people are doing, simply a family meal out somewhere a few days before.

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This means that not only is there a one in three chance of someone within the wedding party going down with food poisoning, but the odds are increased as a result of the celebrations before the wedding, and of course the chances are high that if one person suffers food poisoning, several people present at the same meal or occasion will also find themselves locked in the bathroom, exchanging something rather different from vows.

If this should happen to you, then you’ll need a strong stomach just to cope with the resulting bill, unless you’re wise enough to take out a suitable wedding insurance policy before the first course is served.