Road Closed Due To Snow

Road Closed Due To Snow

The recent heavy snowfall across many parts of the country has resulted in chaos, and in some cases has even resulted in couples having to cancel their weddings.

South Yorkshire has perhaps been one of the worst hit places with hundreds of schools seeing temporary closures and even main roads becoming completely impassable.

The snowy conditions didn’t stop determined couple Ian Cawthorne and Alecia Houghton though. Instead of a traditional car, they jumped on the tram to reach Sheffield Town Hall for their ceremony.

Tracy Gell and fiancée Gavin Atkins weren’t so fortunate. With their photographer, hairdresser and wedding car all not being able to make it through the deep snow, they had no choice but to cancel their big day.

Whilst wedding insurance won’t make the snow go away, it may well help you out financially if you have to cancel or re-arrange your big day as a result of extreme weather.

Bear in mind though, cover may not apply to “known conditions” so if your wedding is next week, there may not be much point rushing out to buy a wedding insurance policy now. It’s always worth giving them a call though to check exactly what you are and aren’t covered for.

Dreamsaver wedding insurance has further information on their website that explains about “known conditions” in a little more detail.

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