Specialist insurer Voyager has today published their top ten reasons for couples claiming on their Dreamsaver wedding insurance policies.

In the past, the more common claims tended to be for damage to bridal or wedding attire but in today’s uncertain economic climate, claims relating to bankruptcy of suppliers top the list. In fact, bankruptcy claims now feature in the top four spots!

It’s interesting to see claims for “adverse weather” making the list and this is probably as a result of the severe snow that affected much of the country last winter.

The Top 10 Claims

The top 10 list, which is based on the actual number of claims rather than the total value of the claims, is as follows:

1. Bankruptcy/liquidation of dress supplier
2. Bankruptcy/liquidation of caterers
3. Bankruptcy/liquidation of venue
4. Bankruptcy/liquidation of other wedding suppliers
5. Loss of wedding photography
6. Damage to bridal attire
7. Adverse weather preventing majority of guests and couple reaching the venue
8. Death/injury of family member
9. Death/Injury of bride or groom
10. Marquee damage

Jonathan Buttery, director at Voyager commented: “The list of most common reasons why wedding claims are made very much reflects the economic times we are in. This explains why wedding insurance has a higher profile and more couples are opting to purchase it in order to financially protect their big day.”

Unhappy coupleHe added: “While bankruptcy of suppliers is highly unlikely to disrupt a royal wedding, everyone else planning theirs should carefully check policy wordings, as cheaper policies will not cover claims for financial failure of suppliers, rings or wedding attire among other things.”

With many wedding insurance policies valid for up to two years before the big day, couples thinking about taking out cover should do so as soon as they can. This makes sure that any deposits are covered under the terms of the policy as soon as they have been paid.

Why not get a quote from Dreamsaver today or see our wedding insurance comparison table which lists a number of the UK’s leading providers of wedding insurance, including the Dreamsaver policies, and can be sorted by both price and cover provided.

Other Common Wedding Disasters

Whilst it’s usual for a minor mishap (that usually goes unnoticed by most) on your big day, it’s rare that anything significant goes wrong. Even for the little things like a torn suit or broken down car, wedding insurance is still worth thinking about.

This collection of short videos highlight some of the things that could go wrong and are currently some of the most popular wedding bloopers on YouTube. Wedding insurance may have helped in some of these situations, but it certainly won’t prevent the Best Man from passing out as a result of too much alcohol the night before!

This first clip has been watched by nearly 15 million people at the time of writing and is the most popular wedding blooper video.

Of course, particulary in the UK, the weather can’t be trusted either.

Finally, possibly one of the most common disasters to happen at a wedding, a cake falling over. Of course, if something goes wrong with the cake beforehand, wedding insurance may help you to get a replacement.