Ash cloud from the volcano in IcelandHere in the UK, the National Air Traffic Service (NATS) has placed restrictions on flight movements for the last six days now as a result of the volcanic activity in Iceland. Whilst some aircraft movements are now being allowed, the vast majority of flights are still grounded and with a new ash cloud heading towards the UK from Iceland, it looks like the situation will remain the same for some days to come yet.

With so many flights having been cancelled, weddings both at home and abroad will have been affected. Guests may not be able to get to weddings held here and whole wedding parties may not be able to get to weddings booked abroad. If you’ve taken out wedding insurance you might, perhaps, assume that you’d be covered by your wedding insurance policy. However, as many insurance policies have “natural disaster” or “Acts of God” exclusions we thought we’d phone some of the leading wedding insurance companies to find out whether you’d be covered.

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Unfortunately, the answers we received weren’t good. We spoke to four wedding insurance companies¬†and in all cases we were told that there was no cover provided under the policy for weddings affected by the recent volcanic activity. One would change the dates on the policy if you wanted to rearrange your wedding but no costs would be reimbursed under the policy. Another advised that guests should check with their travel insurance companies to see if they could recover any costs that way.

So it’s really not good news for those who’ve had to cancel or rearrange their wedding. Whilst some might be able to recover travel costs through their travel insurance companies, many of these may of course also be hiding behind ‘Act of God’ clauses.

Some couples are making the best of a bad situation though with one couple even conducting their Humanist wedding ceremony online when they ended up getting stranded in Dubai.

UPDATE: In news published by You & Your Wedding, wedding insurance company Ecclesiastical said they would honour cover for weddings affected by the recent volcanic activity in Iceland. This includes weddings that were due to be held both in the UK and abroad. This really is fantastic news!