Wedding insurance is, for many people, a way of providing a contingency plan should the worst happen. The worst that could happen for many people is that a supplier fails to deliver, the bride suffers from food poisoning the day before, the groom drops the wedding cake or the venue is double booked. However, all of these concerns may be placed a little more into perspective when compared to the reason why a significant number of brides or grooms are having to postpone their wedding plans.

If you serve in the military then you will already be accustomed to the fact that you could, at any time, be asked to serve elsewhere. You could be redeployed anywhere in the world, and with a large contingency in Afghanistan and the Middle east, it is little more than a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’ for most of those in the military.

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If you or your partner are in the armed forces then you need to face the very real prospect that you could be called up to serve at any time between now and your eventual wedding day. It may well be that you are thousands of miles apart on the day of your wedding.

Although this may not be ideal, it is the life of those who serve in the military. Whilst we may bemoan having to claim on our wedding insurance because the florist delivered the wrong type of flowers, there are those who have to rely on their wedding insurance because they’re in Afghanistan dodging bullets and car bombs.

However, the solution for either is simple – tailored wedding insurance packages that will help to protect your finances should the unforeseen, or the foreseen-but-hoped-against circumstances arise which prevent you from going through with your vows on the planned day.

It is important to be aware that spending time doing a little wedding insurance comparison is important because not everyone’s circumstances are the same, and if you are in the military and facing the prospect that you could be called away at any time, right up to the last minute, then you will need to make sure that your policy covers that eventuality.

Many home insurance policies doesn’t cover damage caused through terrorism or war, and yet these may well be the very circumstances which force those in the military to abandon their wedding plans. Wedding insurance comparison sites allow you to quickly check your own circumstances and requirements against a range of policies to ensure that your solution suits you exactly.

Of course, it isn’t just the military who could be called away at any time. There are many careers which entail a degree of unpredictability, and it may be possible that you or your partner could be called away at the last minute.

Unfortunately terrorists and dictators have no sense of timing or regard for people’s personal calendars, but then there are many other careers which involve a similar lack of regard for timetables. If you are involved in rescue or emergency services then situations can arise which may force you to postpone or cancel certain arrangements.

If you’re in the military, then whilst you’re under fire from enemy terrorists, battling across deserts and diffusing bombs on your wedding day, at least you’ll be comforted by knowing that your wedding insurance policy will protect your finances!