After the excitement of your amazing wedding, you should be able to calm down and enjoy the reception. But what if the entertainment doesn’t turn up?

What could go wrong?

Bride and Groom DancingWhatever act you have booked for your wedding reception – from a solo jazz pianist to a full size swing band, from a magician pulling white rabbits out of hats to a professional DJ – you are probably relying on them to keep your guests entertained all night long. What would happen if, for whatever reason, they called the day before the wedding to let you know that they had double booked and were dropping your contract? Or, even worse, if they simply didn’t turn up to your event? Of course, nothing could change the panic caused by this, but making sure that your wedding insurance will cover the financial implications is one less thing to deal with.

What to look for in wedding insurance policies

Often, your entertainment supplier will be referred to as a ‘wedding service’ in your contract. Read through your policy to ensure that costs such as the following are covered:

  • irrecoverable expenses incurred, for example your deposit, if the band, dj or other entertainment provider cancels your event;
  • costs of rearranging your entertainment if your wedding is cancelled or rearranged. There are a few restrictions that apply here – see our previous article about cancelling and rearranging weddings for more information;
  • bankruptcy or liquidation of the entertainment supplier that you have contracted and paid for. Cover should include irrecoverable deposits and the additional cost of arranging alternative entertainment. (Note that you will still be expected to pay the amount you had originally agreed to pay your entertainer – if the only suitable replacement entertainment available is more expensive then insurance will only cover the additional expense.

InsurerUp down arrow Cancellation CoverUp down arrow PriceUp down arrow ExcessUp down arrow Link
3 Star
£10,000 £79.00 £35 Visit Insurer »
Tier 2
£10,000 £80.00 £0 Visit Insurer »
Tier 3
£15,000 £100.00 £0 Visit Insurer »

Please see the full comparison table for all levels of cover available from these insurers.

What the band or DJ should be insured for

  • Usually, public liability on your wedding insurance does not automatically extend to cover paid for entertainment, such as bands or DJs. This is because, as a paid, professional service, they are expected to have their own liability cover.
  • You can extend your own public liability cover to cover the liability of your guests while at the event (as long as your guests are not performing as part of the band).
  • As well as public liability/third party insurance cover, your entertainment provider should have insurance to cover their own business equipment and transport.

What might not be covered

  • Public liability to cover guests whilst at your event may not be available for overseas weddings and, in fact, may not be available at all if your wedding is in the USA or Canada.
  • You will only be covered if you have a formal written contract with your entertainment provider.
  • Your own audio visual equipment used at your event will not be covered, unless it is specified in your insurance policy.
  • Costs for rearranging or cancelling entertainment if your wedding is cancelled due to ‘cold feet’ or pre existing medical conditions.
  • Your insurance policy will also set an excess, which you will need to cover in the event of a claim.

A few minutes taken to check your insurance cover could mean a lot less stress and financial loss if your wedding singer gets laryngitis or your magician disappears in a puff of smoke! Hopefully this information will help you to read and understand your wedding insurance policy with more confidence – remember to always check with your insurance provider if you are unsure as to the cover you are being offered.