Marquee Wedding ReceptionFrom traditional white marquees decorated with bunting and balloons, to tepees, chinese hat pagodas and Bedouin tents, marquees offer flexibility and value for money when it comes to your wedding venue. Many wedding insurance companies will offer marquee cover as an optional extra to your wedding insurance, but do you really need it?

Why have a marquee?

You can put a marquee in so many places – from a farmer’s field overlooking the green and pleasant countryside, the grounds of a stately country home or even your own back garden. They add valuable extra space for people to gather for ceremonies, meals and receptions, and you can be as creative as you want with the decoration!

Additionally, more and more people are becoming wary of booking venues months or even years an advance, only to find nearer the time that the company have either gone bust, closed down or been taken over by a new owner who has no knowledge of the booking.

What could go wrong?

Sometimes the value of the marquee you have hired could be as high as tens of thousands, and often contain expensive lighting, heating and flooring as well. Companies not only often ask for a hefty deposit but will also charge for any additional expenses. For example, the marquee hire company may hold you liable for:

  • accidental loss or damage, i.e. damage to the flooring by footwear;
  • call outs that require the company to repair the marquee, for example if a guest were to trip over a guide rope and the marquee collapses;
  • the cost of replacing the marquee due to fire;
  • weather damage – From summer floods to spring hurricanes and from winter whiteouts to autumnal gales flattening trees. Unfortunately, as demonstrated many times a day by weather forecasters, the climatic conditions of this green and pleasant land are entirely unpredictable, which means that whatever time of year you have booked your wedding for, almost anything can happen;
  • damage to ancilliary equipment, such as tables and chairs or portable loos (often generators, heaters, toilets and disco equipment are exempt from cover, so make sure you check);
  • theft or vandalism due to not adhering to security procedures.

There are also risks that you need to consider, for example:

  • failure of suppliers – if the marquee company goes into liquidation or does not keep to the contract on the big day;
  • the issue of third party liability. If your marquee does fall down, get blown over or blows away you could be liable for any damage to people or property;
  • If extreme weather on the day means that you have to postpone your wedding, you would need to ensure that you would not lose your deposit on the marquee. With the average cost of a UK wedding now standing at around £15,000, that could be very expensive.

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Please see the full comparison table for all levels of cover available from these insurers.

Marquee insurance

Considering all of the potential expensive things that could go wrong, you can see why having a decent wedding insurance policy can help. Marquee cover is usually available as an additional premium (around £50) on top of a standard wedding insurance policy. Having a wedding insurance policy won’t keep you dry, shelter you from the wind, help you scrape the ice off your car or dig your way out of a snowdrift. But what it can do is to cover you for many unforeseen catastrophes, such as high flying marquees.

Even if your marquee provider offers insurance as part of the deal, or your venue’s insurance will extend to a marquee on site, always check what is covered– is it the bare basics of accidental damage indemnity, or are you also covered in case the company goes bust, does not provide what you have agreed for on the big day or for weather damage? Check our list of risks above – you may find that you may need to take out additional marquee cover on top of your wedding insurance policy even if your venue or marquee supplier provides some basic level of cover.

For the cost of a barometer you could have a wedding insurance policy which will cover you for all three of these potential eventualities, leaving you to relax and boogie the night away in your fabulous wedding marquee.