A word of warning about wedding insurance: no matter how comprehensive your wedding insurance policy is, there is very little chance that it will protect you against abject stupidity.

A Russian couple’s wedding reception was tragically cut short when one of the guests shot himself in the head with a semi automatic pistol in a game of Russian Roulette which went horribly wrong.

YouTube has been flooded with versions of the video report, and the incident has shocked people all round the world. Although trying to play Russian Roulette with a semi automatic pistol which is guaranteed to fire every time the trigger is pulled is a ludicrously stupid thing to do, you have to feel sorry for the poor couple whose magical day turned into a tragic day.

Having said which, a wedding insurance policy may have proven to be useful for covering the cost of cleaning the carpet…

Perhaps it’s the combination of high spirits, emotional moments and a conveniently situated bar, but weddings often seem to play host to a range of accidents and incidents which at any other time would be considered justification for enforced medical treatment.

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Carpets damaged through spilled red wine, limousines scratched by people posing on it for a photograph, and expensive camera equipment ruined due to an overenthusiastic guest opening a bottle of champagne in true Formula 1 style are all regular occurrences, and reasons why having wedding insurance at least only makes you liable for being associated socially with the deranged guests in question.

Many couples planning their wedding don’t realise that in most cases they are legally responsible for any and all damage caused by every single one of their guests, and it might only take a party popper or cigarette to start a pile of confetti smouldering to result in a significant expense which could put your recent vow of ‘for richer or for poorer’ to the test.

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