Can you imagine a wedding without a wedding cake? No, neither can I, yet that is exactly what happened to my brother-in-law when he got married. Unfortunately for him, there was no wedding insurance around at the time otherwise he could at least have recovered the cost of the loss, but as it happened, a bit of resourcefulness saved the day.

I got married second time around in 1983. I married into a tight knit farming community who have been not only helpful relatives, but great friends over the years and have helped me out whenever I needed it. This mutual friendship and help was cemented many years ago, when my brother-in-law got married. They actually got married the year after I married his sister, so our wedding was fresh in our minds as we prepared ourselves for their big day.

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As with our wedding, the reception was to be held initially at the farmhouse, which could easily seat the invited number of guests from the official guest list. The idea being that afterwards we would go to the nearby hall for the evening reception and the main guest list would attend there. Bearing in mind that in those days, the parents still were the main organisers of weddings, we had the relatively easy job of merely attending. However, as with most close communities, everybody is given a small task so as to ameliorate the overall burden from the parents.

Wedding CakeIn my case, my wife and I were asked to arrange for the florist to deliver the necessary flowers to the main service and then the remainder to the evening reception. My wife’s other brother was charged with arranging the delivery of the wedding cake to the evening reception as that was where most of the guests would be in attendance top witness the cutting of the cake. As with our wedding, nothing was left to chance. Remember, that there was no wedding insurance in those days, so everything had to be checked and double checked before it was assumed that it was alright to proceed. Of course, it is impossible to cater for the unexpected and it is those most unexpected of things that could sometimes bring down even the most meticulous of preparations.

When we got to the farm from the main service, there was a commotion. It seems that nobody could locate the whereabouts of the cake! No cake spelt disaster. Brothers, sister-in-law and I were dispatched to all corners of the earth to find the cake. It seems that the errant brother had nipped into his local for a pint and left the cake in his car unlocked, thereby allowing some enterprising thief to steal it! It sounds unlikely, but it happened. Incredibly, my mother-in-law had managed to bake a replacement in the morning, ice it immaculately, and even found some old figures from her own wedding cake! The day was saved by a bit of enterprise and foresight. These days, I think that I would be hoping that it was covered by my wedding insurance policy!