There’s certainly something to be said for working in the wedding insurance industry. You hear a good many astonishing tales, giving you plenty to talk about at dinner parties. In fact, I’m on the lookout for one or two wedding insurance people to come along to my next dinner party – we could all do with a few extra horror stories to enjoy.

A favourite report I heard recently involved the wedding cake – that monstrous heap of potential disaster which almost no one ever eats and even fewer people enjoy. This particular couple, who will remain nameless as I still consider them my friends, decided to save money and rather than have a full tiered wedding cake, would only have the middle tier as a real cake, with the remaining tiers just cardboard covered in icing.

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It seemed like a good idea at the time, but with all the excitement and emotion when it came to cutting the cake the Bride and Groom sort of forgot. The top cardboard tier was carefully placed on one side, and the middle tier placed on the other. The knife was then posed over the top of the lower, fake tier, with the photographer helping to distract the happy couple from the impending disaster.

The time came to cut the cake. The Bride plunged the knife in with far more vigour than the cardboard could withstand, slicing straight through the Groom’s thumb, resulting in blood dripping all over the Bride’s dress and hysterical pandemonium for some considerable time afterwards.

Fortunately the wedding insurance covered the cost of the professional cleaning required to expunge the Groom’s blood from the dress, and for the cleaning required to remove the blood from the pale cream carpet at the venue. Still, at least they remember their wedding day, which is something.

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