Road Closed Due To SnowA white wedding is considered a traditional requirement by many, with wedding insurance apparently having little do with the matter. However, consider the following wedding disaster which occurred only this week, thanks to the traditional white weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK.

Jonathan and Karen had planned their dream wedding – a rural location, an idyllic little chapel, and a winter date set in the hope of a white wedding – with a picture perfect blanket of snow. They were overjoyed when the snow was forecast, but as the date of their wedding grew ever closer, and the warnings about heavy weather grew ever more severe, the hopeful couple began to worry.

The thing about remote rural locations is that there are few access routes, and in Jonathan and Karen’s case, there was just the one. When it became apparent that the snow was not merely a blanket, but the equivalent of a duvet warehouse uploaded on the whole area, their wedding dreams lay in tatters.

The wedding venue was entirely inaccessible, and had to be cancelled. Fortunately there was hope, and they were able to book an alternative location nearby at very short notice, and enlisted the support of all the locals who owned 4×4 vehicles to drive everyone to the new venue.

However, such last minute changes didn’t come cheaply, with the new venue costing £4,000 alone. With the UK’s weather becoming ever more unpredictable, and severe, from summer flooding to winter snow and ice, and from spring hurricanes to autumnal tornadoes, planning a wedding around the weather is impossible. The only certainty is that any last minute changes or cancellations will cost you a very great deal of money, or heartache, or both. Unless, that is, you have excellent wedding insurance in place.

Wedding insurance won’t guarantee you the ideal weather you’re hoping for, but at least if things go wrong, which they do every year, you’ll be covered by more than an umbrella.

Don’t forget that wedding insurance (as with most insurance policies) usually doesn’t cover you for known conditions. For example, if there’s already a foot of snow on the ground, there’s probably not much point rushing out and buying a wedding insurance policy. If you already had it before it even started snowing, you’ll probably be alright though.

There is more information in this article that explains about “known conditions” in a little more detail.

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