Red Wine SpillWedding insurance? No – don’t be silly, nothing can go wrong. It’s not as though I’m accident prone!”

No, perhaps you’re not – but what about your guests?

Just exactly how much do you trust each and every one of your guests to remain accident free throughout your entire day?

Jill and Dave clearly had the foresight to consider their respective families to be potential disaster zones, and they weren’t wrong. They had made sure that their wedding insurance policy included liability cover – something for which they were later very grateful.

They’d chosen their venue with great care – a fantastic Scottish castle. It had everything – rugged good looks, windswept vistas, large fireplaces you can stick your whole family in, and carpets. Beautiful carpets. Beautiful, and fiendishly expensive carpets as it turned out.

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3 Star
£10,000 £79.00 £35 Visit Insurer »
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£10,000 £80.00 £0 Visit Insurer »
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£15,000 £100.00 £0 Visit Insurer »

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Neither the Groom nor the Bride were either able (or willing) to admit on which side of the family the culprit fell, but there was evidently one member whose grip on their wine glass was less than vice-like, resulting in the contents of a full glass of delightfully red wine discovering what it felt like to be an expensive cream carpet, or, as it transpired, a somewhat less valuable pinkish carpet.

Still, all was not lost, and after a quick trip to the cash machine for £6,000 all was put right.

If you’re not sure that you can fully trust every single member of your wedding party, then you have two choices. Either elect to hold your wedding outdoors at a naturist resort, where nothing can get damaged (except perhaps the pride, self respect and reputation of your entire entourage of friends and family) or visit our website and discover how much less a wedding insurance policy costs compared to a little carpet damage.