Taking out wedding insurance is a sound idea, because there’s nothing so fickle as fate. However, sometimes fate seems to be lent a helping hand, and sadly there are times when a decent wedding insurance policy is vital.

Perhaps you read recently about the arson attack on a stunning fleet of wedding cars and limousines in Wrexham. Quite why anyone would do such a thing is hard to comprehend, but arson attacks do occur, and each one results in devastation.

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Of course, it isn’t just the physical items, buildings and vehicles which are destroyed – in many cases people’s plans can be ruined as well. Whether it’s the venue, the car or even the business premises of one of your service suppliers, an arson attack or any other act of vandalism could easily threaten your wedding plans.

It’s easy to have too much faith in human nature, and to believe that there are few things that could possibly threaten your wedding. After all, who would want to deliberately cause you distress? You may have chosen the date specifically to give yourself the best possible chance of ensuring good weather, but whether it’s illness or arson, a broken down car or vandalism, fate has more than enough chances to wreak the day.

However, there’s no point feeling despondent, and the last thing you should do is to start worrying about your wedding or letting such news spoil your day. With a good wedding insurance policy in place you can relax, knowing that should the worst happen, you’ll be covered. Making last minute changes, postponements or cancellations can be very expensive. Give yourself at least one less thing to worry about, and let the wedding insurance companies do the worrying for you instead!