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Wedding Insurance for in Sickness and in Health

Did you know that wedding insurance can cover the costs of rearranging an entire wedding if the bride, groom or one of their close relatives is too ill to attend, or is unable to attend because they have been injured in an accident? We take a look at what sort of eventualities are covered by wedding insurance.

What would be covered?

Usually, policies will cover expenses incurred when the wedding ceremony or reception must be cancelled for most reasons beyond your control. If you need to cancel your wedding because of death or illness, the cost of rearranging your wedding will usually cover items such as ceremonial attire, bridal attire and wedding services that have been booked (but not used).

Note that there will often be a limit up to which you are insured, so check your policy wording to ensure that you have sufficient cover.

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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Examples of unexpected illnesses where insurance would pay for the cost of rearranging your wedding include, but are not restricted to:

For more information about how wedding insurance can cover the cost of having to rearrange or cancel your wedding, please refer to our FAQs.

Who would be covered?

Of course, you are unlikely to need to cancel your wedding because the second cousin twice removed from your work colleague has the flu or food poisoning. However, if a parent is taken into hospital with a serious illness, of course it would be appropriate to cancel the wedding so that the bride and groom can care for their ill relative. Policies usually define exactly what they mean by 'close relatives' in the policy wording, but usually include the death or illness of the bride, groom, civil partner, close family or key members of the wedding party - people without whom it would be inappropriate to go ahead with the wedding.

You may be required to make a medical declaration for every person that is 'key' to the wedding, as part of your insurance application.

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Injury during the event

Many wedding insurance providers will not only cover rearrangement costs if a close relative is ill prior to the wedding, but usually will also offer public liability insurance. This means that if a guest or relative is injured at the wedding or reception, and the bride and groom are deemed liable, insurance will pay for your legal liability for accidental injury to any person or damage to their property.

What might not be covered?

Note that there are a few scenarios that are often not covered by standard wedding insurance - check your policy wording carefully if you are concerned. For example, you may not be covered for:

Remember that there is usually an excess that you will be required to pay in the event of a claim. This varies from policy to policy, so ensure you are happy with the amount prior to taking out insurance.

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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