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Wedding Insurance Reviews

When looking to buy wedding insurance, you'll possibly want to search for and read a number of wedding insurance reviews before you make your decision on what policy to go for.

You may also want to look in more detail at what wedding insurance covers and what's covered by the particular policy you choose.

Where to find wedding insurance reviews

You can find wedding insurance reviews and information in a number of places online:

Choosing your wedding insurance policy

As well as looking for reviews on wedding insurance to make sure the insurer you choose is reputable, you also want to make sure the policy you choose adequately meets your needs.

For example, make sure you get sufficient cover - there's probably not much point taking out a policy that gives you £5,000 of cancellation cover if your wedding is costing £20,000. If the worst happens and you need to claim as a result of cancellation, you'll still find yourself significantly out of pocket.

You'll probably also want to make sure each of the policy sections gives you sufficient cover too - for your dress, your cake, your photos etc.

If you're getting married abroad you'll want to make sure that's covered too. Most wedding insurers do cover overseas weddings but not all do. If your wedding is abroad, think about travel/honeymoon insurance too. Wedding insurance usually won't cover you for any delay/cancellation of your actual travel plans and certainly wouldn't cover any medical expenses.

All insurers should provide electronic copies of their policy documents online as well as a summary highlighting the important facts. These documents may look quite dull, but they're usually fairly straightforward and definitely worth reading through so that you know exactly what you are and are not covered for.

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