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Brexit Uncertainty Sees a 25% Drop in Overseas Weddings

22nd June 2016

Post-referendum economic and travel uncertainty has meant fewer couples are booking overseas weddings, according to Leeds based firm

New research published by the insurance comparison site today shows a 25% fall in the number of British couples choosing to get married abroad after the referendum compared to those with wedding dates before.

"A beach wedding, guaranteed weather and often lower costs are all great reasons for couples to consider booking an overseas wedding.", said Managing Director, Adam Leyton.

"However, with uncertainty over whether we'll be leaving the EU and the impact that may have on both the economy and travel, it appears that fewer couples are now looking to travel abroad."

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A weakened Pound and therefore poorer exchange rates could make an overseas wedding considerably more expensive than it is now. If the UK does vote to leave, there could be visa issues to consider too.

At the present time, a marriage held in a different EU country is guaranteed to be recognised in all 28 EU member states. Should the UK vote out, that may no longer be the case, potentially adding a further administrative headache for those getting married elsewhere in Europe.

"Sun and sand or a tranquil remote villa both make idyllic wedding settings.", said Mr Leyton.

"It's clear though that there are just too many unknowns at the moment and many couples are choosing to play it safe and get married at home instead."


For weddings held prior to 23/6/16, 6% of couples were travelling overseas for their wedding. For weddings to be held after the referendum, the percentage being held outside of the UK falls to just 4.5%.

Data from a sample of 1670 wedding insurance sales was used, 835 from policies purchased by couples whose weddings were before the referendum and the same number whose weddings will be held after.

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