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Wedding Insurance and Extreme Weather

Buying wedding insurance online is a good deal more convenient than going out to the shops, because you'll almost certainly not get wet. This country is certainly pretty good at throwing us an unpredictable heap of weather! Planning to go out in the afternoon is always a gamble - it might be pouring, it might be snowing, or it could be the hottest day for weeks. It's both a curse and a fascination.

But knowing that it's impossible to predict the weather just a few hours ahead, it seems incredible that so many couples risk a wedding costing thousands of pounds on the off-chance that the day will be warm, dry and pleasant.

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Heavy Snow, Flooding and Strong Winds

Of course, if it's a little gloomy, then there's not much anyone can do - but increasingly we're seeing a greater number of extreme weather conditions, especially flooding, heavy snow and strong winds reaching hurricane speeds.

Does wedding insurance provide cover for extreme weather like heavy snow or rain?

How would you manage if the venue was flooded, or the florist couldn't make it because her village was cut off due to the river bursting its banks? How would your wedding be affected if the roof of the venue was partially blown off in strong winds, or the limousine you'd booked was written off after strong winds crushed the vehicle under a tree? What if the majority of guests couldn't make it because the 10cm of snow that fell the night before made the venue and everything within a 25 mile radius completely inaccessible?

Think it wouldn't happen to you? So did the hundreds of couples who have already been affected this year alone.

With tens of thousands of homes flooded during the summer months recently, and with a real increase in the damage caused by stronger winds, there seems no time of year when you can guarantee to be safe from unusual weather.

Known Risk

Do bear in mind that it's likely wedding insurance cover won't apply to "known conditions". If your wedding is next week and the forecast is suddenly showing heavy snow for the big day, there may not be much point rushing out to buy a wedding insurance policy if you don't already have cover. The bad weather forecast is then a risk you're already aware of before you bought the policy. It's always worth giving them a call though to check exactly what you are and aren't covered for.

Dreamsaver wedding insurance has further information on their website that explains about "known conditions" in a little more detail.

Whilst wedding insurance won't make the rain or snow go away, it may well help you out financially if you have to cancel or re-arrange your big day.

The one thing about unusual weather in the UK is that it is unpredictable. However, you can be guaranteed to predict that if the worst should happen, you'll lose far more than the cost of a wedding insurance policy.

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