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Wedding Insurance For Non-UK Residents

We're often asked about whether it's possible to insure weddings that are taking place in the UK, but where neither the Bride nor the Groom are normally resident here.

Often, the Bride and Groom are expats returning to the UK to get married or perhaps they're non-UK nationals and have always dreamed of having a romantic wedding in a Scottish Castle.

Either way, they're looking for some form of insurance to cover their wedding and sometimes this just isn't currently available in country they're living in. It was only recently that I was chatting via Twitter to a Bride in Australia who couldn't find a single insurer that offered wedding insurance there - clearly a huge gap in the market!

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Unfortunately, most wedding insurance policies here in the UK require that either the Bride or the Groom is both a UK citizen AND normally resident in the UK.

In the vast majority of these cases, both the Bride and the Groom would normally be resident overseas and therefore cover wouldn't be valid.

However, there are a couple of insurers whose policy documents suggest that cover is available providing either the Bride or Groom is normally resident here in the UK OR they are a UK citizen.

This was clarified recently by one particular insurer who said that cover would be valid so long as either the Bride or Groom held a UK passport.

Unfortunately, due to FCA regulations regarding the potential giving of 'advice', we're not allowed to mention the names of those insurers here.

However, just make a few quick phone calls to insurers to check the terms of their policies and you should fairly easily find one that will offer cover for those in this situation.

This is certainly reassuring news for the many expats who return to the UK every year to get married and are looking to purchase wedding insurance cover.

Update June 2021: Many UK wedding insurance providers temporarily stopped selling new policies in March 2020 while they assessed the impact of Covid on potential claims. Consequently the market is more limited than it was when we first wrote this article and so it may not currently be possible for non-residents to find a policy that would be valid for them.

Thanks to Alison Tinlin whose tweet earlier in the week provided the inspiration for this post.

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