Wedding photographer taking photo of bride and groom cutting the cake.

Wedding Photography - When a Picture Paints a Thousand Expletives

A wedding photographer can often be one of the most important (and expensive) aspects of a wedding, and you only get one real chance to have that magic day captured for life. So you need to make sure you have adequate wedding insurance in case of a photographic disaster.

From camera equipment being stolen, to photographers accidentally deleting the wrong folder on their computer, and from photographers whose portfolios appear fantastic but who in reality produce something even dear old Aunt Edith would be embarrassed to share, to photographers who actually turn up and photograph the wrong wedding (yes, it really has happened!) - wedding insurance is there to help make sure that your wedding photograph album is full of treasured memories.

What could go wrong?

For most couples, capturing and preserving wedding memories is a significant part of a wedding event. Today, with modern digital cameras, fiddling around with fragile, light sensitive rolls of film and delicate negatives is a thing of the past. However, there are still so many unforeseen disasters that you need to think about insuring against:

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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Wedding photography insurance

You should be clear on what you would expect a professional photographer to be insured against, and what you may consider insuring yourselves for.

What the photographer should be insured for:

Check that your photographer has:

Your photographer may also have insurance for things such as legal expenses cover and accidental damage cover for his equipment.

Photo being taken of the groom, best man and ushers.

What to consider when buying your wedding insurance:

What you are insured for is, of course, up to you. However, do note that you may find that many photographers will not take on a wedding project unless the couple have adequate insurance to cover the costs of cancellation or rearrangement.

Wedding insurance policies offer a wide range of options concerning photography. Every insurance policy is different and you will need to check your small print to see what you are covered for. Some examples include cover for:

Typically, if you end up without your wedding photos for any of the above reasons, insurance policies will pay for a photographer to re-shoot your photos, with the wedding party. Check if your cover also include payment towards costs needed to do this, including things like suit hire, travel expenses for the wedding party and guests, meals, lodging, venue hire and accessories such as cake and flowers.

What might not be covered

"He's behind you!". Wedding insurance can cover many photographic disasters, but maybe not ones like this.

If you get a friend to take photos, you may not be covered at all. Make sure you check with your insurance policy if you are not using a professional photographer. Take sensible precautions to ensure that your photos come out well - look into hiring extra lenses (i.e. for low light), give them an opportunity to see the venue before hand so they can take practice shots and consider if you need extra lighting for 'staged' photos.

You are also unlikely to be covered for claims where photography equipment, including memory cards, was damaged or stolen due to a lack of sufficient security precautions.

There will usually be an excess that you will be required to pay if you make a claim - make sure you are happy with the amount required by your chosen insurer.


Wedding photographs, and the memories that go with them are priceless - well worth a few minutes spent researching good value wedding insurance policies!

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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