Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake.

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Wedding insurance firms know all about luck. Particularly, bad luck. Because it's often bad luck which causes problems at weddings.

One particular Bride experienced an odd sort of luck at her wedding, which could be referred to as bad luck, or good luck, depending on how you interpret it.

The Bride had ordered a beautiful, classic wedding cake. It was one of those multitiered affairs with white icing, white decorations, a few flowers, and the Bride and Groom standing on top. It was how she'd always imagined her wedding cake from being a small girl, and she was really looking forward to seeing it on the day.

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Unfortunately, part way through the day the caterer sidled up to the Bride and quietly admitted that there had been a slight mistake. It seems that he had inadvertently confused the details of her booking with a wedding the following week. The result of this error was that the wedding cake he had brought with him was nothing like the sort of wedding cake that she had ordered. But since it was the only wedding cake he had, they decided to use that instead.

It was not white, nor did it have a little flowers on it, and there was no Bride or Groom standing on the top. In fact it was a Las Vegas themed wedding cake, with lucky treble 777s, bright red glittery icing, stripes, dice and anything else that might have come straight from a casino.

The wedding insurance firm wasn't sure whether it was bad luck or good luck, but it's a fairly safe bet that the caterer didn't expect many repeat bookings.

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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