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Wedding Insurance and Wedding Dress Disasters

A wedding dress, and the attire of the whole bridal party, will be in wedding photos for ever. Imagine if something happened to your wedding dress either before or on the wedding day and you did not have wedding insurance!

What could go wrong?

Remember that it is not only the wedding dress that is costly - in some instances, the total cost of wedding attire may run to thousands of pounds. Wedding insurance can be purchased to cover not only the wedding dress itself, but also all of the wedding party's clothing as well, including hired suits.

So, what could happen to the dress or other wedding attire?

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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The groom, best man and father of the bride in their hired wedding suits.

What to look for in your policy:

Items covered

You should ensure that you have sufficient insurance to cover not only the cost of replacing the wedding dress itself, but all accessories, bridesmaid dresses, page boy suits and menswear. If any clothing has been hired, the insurance should also cover hire costs.

At the time of writing, one well-known suit hire company is charging an automatic £9 per outfit for accidental damage insurance cover. Declining this and relying on your wedding insurance instead could possibly save you the entire cost of the policy premium!

When a policy states that it covers 'wedding party' attire, this usually comprises of the bride, groom, their parents or guardians, best man/woman, ushers and bride's attendants. However, it is important to always check the small print of your policy to ensure that everyone who you expect to be insured is covered.

Cover prior to and after the wedding day

Many policies will cover the insured clothing for up to a few months prior to the big day. Check when your cover starts and make sure you request a change to your policy to ensure that it is covered from the moment you pay a deposit for the dress.

If you are wanting to sell your dress, wear it again or simply ensure that you can afford to replace it should it get damaged shortly after the wedding day, then you must also check how long your insurance cover extends after the big day.


If you are planning to take your dress or other wedding attire abroad, or even travel with your dress in the UK, check that your policy covers accidental damage, theft or loss in transit.

Failure of Suppliers

Check that you are covered in case the wedding dress shop or formal hire supplier is made bankrupt or put into liquidation.

Woman in wedding dress looking very stressed.

What may not be covered?


There will often be an excess that you will be required to pay if you make a claim - make sure you are happy with the amount required by your chosen insurer.


Reading the small print to check that your wedding insurance policy provides adequate cover for your wedding dress and wedding party attire need not take long, but - for the peace of mind it provides - it is time well spent.

Protect your special day with wedding insurance

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