Bride and Groom signing wedding register and completing the official paperwork.

And Now These Three Remain: Faith, Hope And Bureaucracy

A wedding is all about love and romance, a magical bond between two people, a spiritual linking of two joyous souls. Hmm... and the rest. Whilst a wedding is very much based on love and romance (or at least should be!) what it is often based on is paperwork, forms, offices and bureaucracy.

Love might be unchanging, resolute and dependent until the end. Paperwork tends to be a little less reliable, and can sometimes turn bad. It's when bureaucracy and forms filling turns against you that you'll be glad you filled in one very short and simple form to purchase wedding insurance.

Perhaps you think that paperwork problems won't affect you, because you're far too organised. Well, take the case of a couple recently whose Registrar lost the paperwork relating to their wedding, and couldn't get duplicate copies sent over in time because the email system was playing up, and the paper file was several miles away. The whole wedding had to be postponed at the very last minute, and restaged three weeks later.

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Then there's the case of the Registrar who failed to transfer the bookings to her computer based calendar correctly, and simply didn't turn up.

If you still don't think that paperwork problems could affect you, just remember that even the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles had to be shifted to a completely different venue at the last minute because of a bureaucratic issue which only surfaced at the last minute. It turned out that by having the wedding at Windsor Castle the venue would legally then have to be licensed for any civil wedding for three years, hence its transfer to Windsor Guildhall.

We live in an age of paperwork, computerised documentation, and bureaucracy, and sadly things do go wrong, people do make mistakes, paperwork does go missing, implications and problems only surface at the last minute, and weddings do get cancelled or postponed on a frighteningly regular basis. Yes, a marriage should be based on love and romance, but sadly the on-screen depiction of a fairy tale wedding neatly overlooks the meetings, forms, paperwork, bookings, scheduling, transferring, digitisation and filing which ensures the whole thing is legal.

Wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So basically you have four choices. You can 'live in sin' forevermore and forget the idea of a wedding (with all the legal implications and bureaucratic problems the future will have in store for you), you could run off to Las Vegas and get married in a drive through chapel, you could risk everything and just hope that you'll be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have to face any kind of problem, or you could buy wedding insurance.

The fact that wedding insurance only costs from about the same as a couple of rounds of drinks, it's well worth protecting yourself from the risk of a paperwork or bureaucratic problem. After all, £15,000 is a lot of money to gamble on the chance that a nameless faceless bureaucrat in an office somewhere miles away will just happen to file your paperwork 100% correctly.


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