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Wedding Insurance in the USA

Following on from our recent article on wedding insurance for non-UK residents, we thought it would be interesting to take a quick look at what wedding insurance is like in the USA where it seems to be just as popular as it is here.

What's Covered?

Wedding insurance in the USA pretty much covers you for the same things as it does here in the UK - cancellation, wedding attire, deposits, photographs etc. However, there do seem to be a few key differences.


Here in the UK, most policies include public liability cover (for the Bride and Groom at least) as standard and it's usually possible to pay a little extra to have that extended to cover claims made against all guests.

In the USA, however, it seems this cover is usually an optional extra on top of the core wedding insurance cover. It can be quite expensive too, but perhaps no surprise though given that America tends to be a relatively litigious society.

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Liquor Liability

Again available at an additional cost, "Host Liquor Liability" provides protection against law suits brought about as a result of injury or damage caused by an intoxicated guest that was served alcohol (at no charge) at an event you've hosted.

This cover isn't available in all states.

Change of Heart

Whilst unheard of in the UK, there is actually one policy available in the USA (they claim to be the only one in the world) that provides cover against 'cold feet' - the Bride or Groom simply changing their mind. Insurers tend to call it "disinclination to marry".

There are restrictions though. Cover can only be purchased by the person who finances the event, not the Bride or Groom and it only applies if the wedding is cancelled 180 days before.


Wedding insurance tends to be significantly more expensive in the USA than it is here in the UK where the average policy costs around just £51.

Core wedding insurance cover (for cancellation, attire, deposits etc) can start from around $150 (£95) covering $7,500 in respect of complete cancellation. This can go as high as $1000 (£620) to cover a huge $175,000 wedding!

Liability cover, if required, is an additional $150 to $200 (£95 - £125).

Liquor liability cover, if available, can then add a further $50 to $100 (£31 - £62).

With many things often cheaper the other side of the Atlantic, it was a surprise to see that wedding insurance here looks to be significantly cheaper, even core cover that perhaps wouldn't be affected by a higher likelihood of liability claims.

Where Can You Buy Cover?

There appears to be a few main providers of wedding insurance in the USA:

It would seem that policies can be purchased online from all of these or from a local insurance agent where advice can be sought on the right type of cover to buy. I would imagine this route may increase the premium though.

Like the UK, policies can be purchased up to two years before the big day, but in some cases you can even buy wedding insurance up to 12 hours before!

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