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Wedding Insurance and Coronavirus - What Do I Need To Know?
Many couples are concerned about the impact of the potential spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) on their wedding plans. We look at how wedding insurance might cover you.

Is my Debenhams Wedding Insurance Policy Still Valid Following the Company Going into Administation?
With Debenhams having gone into administration, we look at whether Debenhams wedding insurance policies are still valid and if there's anything policyholders need to do.

Brexit Uncertainty Sees a 25% Drop in Overseas Weddings
New research published today shows a 25% fall in the number of British couples choosing to get married abroad after the EU referendum.

Wedding Insurance and the Pregnant Bride
A wedding can take many months, if not over a year, of careful planning. If you discover that you are pregnant during this time, will wedding insurance still cover you?

Wedding Insurance and Redundancy
With the economic climate as it currenty is, we look at whether wedding insurance would cover redundancy related cancellation or rearrangement claims.

Wedding Gifts & Wedding Insurance - Check You're Fully Covered
Wedding gifts can total a huge amount so it is important to check that you have suitable insurance in place in case they are lost, damaged or stolen.

Bride Or Groom In The Forces? Wedding Insurance for Military Weddings
From ceremonial swords to being deployed away, if one of you are in the military you'll want to consider wedding insurance. Here we explain why.

Wedding Insurance For Non-UK Residents
Living overseas and getting married in the UK? Can you buy wedding insurance from a UK insurer to cover your wedding?

Is Credit Card Protection a Substitute for Wedding Insurance?
We look at Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act and discuss whether credit card protection offers alternative cover to wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance in the USA - How Does It Compare?
Wedding insurance in the USA is broadly similar to that available in the UK. However, there are a couple of key differences, most notably cost!

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Wedding Insurance - Illness or Injury Before the Big Day
Wedding insurance can provide peace of mind should you or a close relative fall ill or be seriously injured just before your wedding day.

Engagement Ring Insurance - Do You Need It?
Should you insure your engagement ring and, if so, where should you go for insurance to cover it?

What are the Most Popular Months for Weddings in the UK?
We look at what are currently the most popular months to get married in. Surprisingly it's not just the warmer summer months!

Government Ministers Advise Divorce Insurance Should Be Taken Out
Kenneth Clarke announced today he wants to scrap legal aid for divorce with ministers warning couples should take out insurance on their marriages.

Wedding Insurance and Extreme Weather - Cover for the Unexpected
Wedding insurance won't make rain or snow go away but it could help financially if you have to cancel or re-arrange your big day.

Ecclesiastical to Cease Selling Wedding Insurance
Wedding insurance provider Ecclesiastical has announced it will cease sales of its wedding insurance product. Where can you buy cover from now?

Wedding Insurance and Public Liability - Cover for You and Your Guests
Do I need public liability cover as well as my wedding insurance policy? We look at what public liability insurance covers and why you need it.

Wedding Insurance and Wedding Dress Disasters
Your wedding dress is one of the most important things on your big day. Check you have adequate wedding insurance to cover any unforeseen mishaps!

Wedding Insurance and Venue Related Disasters
From the venue burning down, going bankrupt or a double-booking error, wedding insurance can cover a range of venue related disasters.

Wedding Insurance - For When The Marquee Collapses!
Marquees are hugely popular as wedding venues, but do you really need to take out additional insurance for them?

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Wedding Insurance Claims - What Do People Claim For?
Failed suppliers or damaged attire - here we look at the top 10 wedding insurance claims plus some of the more unusual ones.

Are Wedding Rings Covered By Wedding Insurance?
It's important to be clear whether your wedding rings are covered by your wedding insurance policy - here's our guide.

Do You Really Need Wedding Insurance If You Already Have Home Insurance?
Home insurance can cover some aspects of your wedding but is it a substitute for a comprehensive wedding insurance policy?

Wedding Insurance Cover For Your Entertainment Providers
After the excitement of your wedding, you should be able to relax and enjoy the reception. But what if the entertainment doesn't turn up?

Wedding Insurance and Floristry Related Problems
From bouquets to large scale floral decorations, your flowers can be covered by wedding insurance. What should you look for in a policy though?

Wedding Insurance Cover For Officiants Not Attending
What would happen if your wedding officiant didn't turn up or the church was double-booked? We look at how wedding insurance might help.

Wedding Photography - When a Picture Paints a Thousand Expletives
If a picture paints a thousand words, the average wedding photograph album is equal to War and Peace. But what happens when things go wrong?

Interview With BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire
This morning I was on BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire talking about wedding insurance. You can listen to the interview here.

Wedding Insurance - For The Car With More Roll Than Royce
From luxurious Daimlers to vintage Beetles, your wedding car is a vital part of your big day. We look at why you need wedding car insurance.

Faith, Hope And Bureaucracy - Wedding Insurance and Wedding Paperwork
Love might be dependable. Paperwork tends to be less so. When bureaucracy turns against you you'll be glad you had wedding insurance.

Wedding Insurance & Wedding Cakes
Wedding insurance firms know all about luck. Particularly, bad luck. We look at what could go wrong with your wedding cake.

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